About Us

Beyond our Borders (B.O.B.) is a Christian, non-profit 501c3 corporation.

Our Mission

We exist to facilitate participation in a story bigger than ourselves by leveraging our passions in life to impact the needs of the world.

Our Approach

We accomplish this by raising awareness, involvement and resources in order to partner and collaborate with existing non-profit organizations by serving, resourcing and encouraging said organizations for greater effectiveness. Beyond Our Borders’ aim is to assist individuals in engaging in our world’s needs. To make a difference by praying, giving and participating; embracing the opportunity to extend beyond perceived limitations that hinder the fulfillment of significant potential.

Our approach to bringing long-term solutions to the needs of this world is two-fold:

  • First to provide the necessary resources for material projects which meet immediate needs, such as community centers, schools, feeding centers, wells/clean water, churches and the like.
  • Second to advance human development programs that raise up the next generation of leaders to reverse the downward spiral of poverty and injustice.

Our Commitment

Beyond Our Borders is committed to addressing the physical, spiritual, social and emotional needs of people in the impoverished communities of South Africa and other countries in need. Restoring health, relieving suffering, bringing healing and hope beyond current realities.

Current Projects

Our current project is in the township of Khayelitsha, South Africa. In partnership with Cape Missions International, we constructed a new community center that offers church services, a medical center, feeding clinic, youth programs and outreach opportunities. Families are learning about the love of Jesus and lives are being eternally impacted. In addition, we are partnering with Celebrate International South Africa to bring their proven leadership development program, Teach One to Lead One, to many of the schools in the Khayelitsha area. At risk youths are learning how to live a life of integrity through mentor relationships, despite living a life of poverty. Mentors continue to be recruited and trained, as well as relationships being built with churches, pastors, schools and other non-profit organizations.

Our Board

Bob Marvel – Founder and President

Suzanne Skerjanc – Secretary and Treasurer

Rich Bosman – Director

Rob Wurm – Director

Carol Beebe – Director